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Bachelorette Private Wine Tour $140.00 per person

Bachelorette Private Wine Tour-TripAdvisor Special Prices

Girl's Just want to have fun $132.00 per person for tour, lunch stop $60.00 - 4.5 hrs

Girl's JUST wanna Have FUN-TripAdvisor Special Prices

Kelowna Wine, Beer & Distillery Tour $649.00 - 4.5hrs Group 5

Wine Tasting Tour $135 - 3 hrs - $75.00 Dinner option 1.5 hrs per person

Wine Tasting Tour-TripAdvisor Special Prices

Bachelor Fun $675.00 for 6men - 4hrs Tour.

Taster Express Tour - $120.00 per person 3 hours

Tasters Express-TripAdvisor Special Prices

Taster Tour- Romance is in the air $140.00 3 hrs dinner option $75.00, 1.5 hrs person

Taster Tours-TripAdviser Special Prices
Across The Valley Tour-TripAdvisor Special Prices

Grape, Vine, View & Restaurant 700.00 group of 5 - 5.5hrs

Sunset Dinner- TripAdvisor Special Prices
West Kelowna 5 Hour-TripAdvisor Special Prices

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