$130.00 $110.00

Time: 8 pm pick up -1 am drop off. Cost $75.00 Per Person


Pub Crawl-Night Life

Pub Crawl-Night Life

Ready for FUN?!

Make new friends, learn a bit, open your senses to some amazing flavors and have fun. Bring your Fun and We will bring our Fun too!

Venues: (Mystery Selections) Friends Brew Pub/

Dakota Pub/Brandt’s Creek Pub/Okay Corral &

Down Town Kelowna.

Weekly Event: Friday &Saturday

Time: 6 pm pick up -2 am drop off.

Pick you up at Designated Kelowna areas: Let us do

the driving a safe ride and a Fun night

Cost $110.00 Per Person

236-795-9463 or 604-835-7242